Vancouver Island’s Sidney by the sea is an idyllic little burg, a gem nestled against the warm embrace of the Pacific Ocean. Located conveniently close to Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal and Victoria airport, it’s an accessible, beautiful part of our fair island.


Vancouver Island is home to some of the province’s, and country’s, greatest artists. The beautiful waterfronts, emerald hills and blue skies are just too beautiful NOT to be painted, and artist’s of every stripe flock to our shores. You can take advantage of a special opportunity to see their work at ArtSea Gallery near Sidney’s Tulista Park; from April 4th to 8th, the gallery are presenting a special showcase of the artists they will be showing in the coming year. That gives you a chance to witness the cream of the crop in one trip! Come discover your new favourite artist, and support our vibrant community!


Is there a family outing more classic than an Easter egg hunt? This April 16th, Sidney’s Dominion Brooke Park will be the site of a huge egg hunting free for all! Kids and their parents (and grandparents!) are welcome to run about the park, finding eggs hidden safely in all the park’s scenic nooks and crannies. Prizes, costumes, coffee and mini-doughnuts complement this free family event. Enjoy the best of the season while letting your kids have experiences they’ll remember for the rest of their life.
When you visit the island, get the best in accommodation. Best Western Premier Emerald Isle is great for family trips, mere minutes from the SHAW Ocean Discovery Centre, as well as Sidney’s Butterfly Gardens. It has gorgeous, contemporary rooms and unrivalled access to the waterfront. But be careful – when you stay with us, you may not ever want to leave! Book your stay today and discover the best of Vancouver Island
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