posted by: Best Western Plus Emerald Isle Hotel on: December 21, 2016
sidney holiday activities

When you visit Vancouver Island, you may be tempted to go no further than the front door. Located right next to the ferry terminal and airport, Sidney is a port town with a charm and beauty all its own, that is nevertheless a perfect introduction to the wonders of the Island.

Vancouver Island has an identity all its own. If there is any writer who personified Vancouver Island and its wild history, its Governor General’s Award winner Jack Hodgins, who chronicled our island’s history as a series of lumber camps and ports full of misfits, wild men and poets. This December 30, The North Saanich Library will be showing Jack Hodgins’ Island, an hour long film that recreates the history of the island as depicted in his stories. Come watch and relive the world of logging camps and saloons, when anything could and did happen. I can’t think of a better introduction to our island and its traditions.

They say that some of the most effective people in history started their day with a cold shower – but what if you could start your year with a cold shower? The annual Polar Bear Swim is taking place this January 1st, 2017, so you can jumpstart your year and your heart! Just head down to the beach access on Lochside Drive down from Tulista Park at high noon, and scratch this polar excursion off your (ice) bucket list!

When you get to the Island, there is nowhere better to stay than in the Best Western Plus Emerald Isle. Whether you just need a place to stay before venturing further into the wilds, or just want a beautiful place to relax, we couldn’t be happier to accommodate you and whatever needs you have. Book your stay today!
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