Photo Credit: Kevin Delvecchio

British Columbia is a beautiful rainforest with such a unique landscape.  Mountains to the north and east, coastal sunsets on the west, and lush green land interspersed in-between the concrete of various cities. It is rare to find something more, if not just as, beautiful.  One of the wonders of British Columbia is Vancouver Island and the surrounding waters. Here are two events to prove just that.


2019 BC Boat Show


Boats: vessels used to venture off into both known and unchartered waters.  The BC Boat Show, hosted by the British Columbia Yacht Brokers Association (BCYBA), is one of the largest in North America.  While many come to show off their expensive and pricy water vessels, many are also welcome to simply just take a look at all the magnificent boats from around the area.  The BC Boat Show runs from May 2 to May 5 at Port Sidney Marina in Sidney BC. Tickets are up to $20, and everyone in the family is welcome to attend!


Easter Egg Hunt

While the main focus of this event isn’t exactly the landscape, some fresh air and green grass never hurt anybody.  At the Peninsula Celebrations Society, they will be hosting the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Dominion Brook Park in North Saanich. The event is completely free and is perfect for everyone in the family.  The younger ones can participate in the annual egg hunt while the adults can find an excuse to hang out outside and enjoy some fresh air.  


Why stop there? For either of these events, why not take a look around, and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer on Vancouver Island. And after a long day, you and the family can always come home to comfortable accommodations are Best Western Emerald Isle, with a room you’ve selected exactly for your needs.
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